12 September - 14 October 2000

David Hockney

A Print Retrospective

    The Alan Cristea Gallery will hold a major retrospective of the graphic work, dating from 1961 to the present day, by David Hockney, one of the greatest draughtsmen and printmakers of the twentieth century. The exhibition will encompass the full spectrum of Hockney's work, representing all the media he has worked in and includes many of his best known images.

    The earliest prints are black and white etchings from Hockney's time at the Royal College of Art in London. From there, the exhibition concentrates on groups of images that have defined his printmaking career. It will include examples from the classic early etchings such as, Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Bothers Grimm as well as Hockney's first Los Angeles lithographs entitled, The Hollywood Collection. Portraits, swimming pools, plants and dogs are all in the exhibition as well as works from the infamous Moving Focus series. This series, completed with Ken Tyler in Los Angeles, includes the three Mexican Hotel Wells, each in a specially designed and hand-painted frame. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to see over fifty works by one of the world's most important living artists.

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