27 June - 29 July 1995

Mimmo Paladino

New Prints and Drawings

All the work in the exhibition has been completed within the past twelve months. The exhibition consists of the following works:

A series of ten colour etchings of Landscapes printed with Roberto Gatti in Modena

A further series of three colour etchings of single figures prints in Modena

A black and white triptych etching made with Giorgio Upiglio in Milan

A series of six drawings of figures made especially for the exhibition

 The exhibition is first and foremost about Mimmo Paladino's skill as a draughtsman and etcher.

The first theme of the exhibition is Paladino's own relationship with the landscape that surrounds him at his homes in the Benevento and on the island of Stromboli. The second is the universal but highly personalised expression of the relationship between human beings, animals and natural phenomena. The exhibition reemphasises Paladino's overriding humanitarian concerns and the natural equivalences between animals, humans and vegetation, as expressed both in daily life and in dreams.

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