18 April - 12 May 2007

Jan Dibbets

Perspective Collections

Perspective Corrections was the title of a ground-breaking body of work Dibbets began in 1969 in which he explored the illusory effects that could be created using a camera. He drew out trapezoid shapes on various backgrounds, from his studio wall to fields of grass, and then photographed them, each time angling the camera in such a way as to give the illusion that the mapped out shape was a square. The square, by virtue of not actually existing, appeared to hover uncomfortably in the pictorial space.

 In this new body of photographic work, Dibbets has re-visited this idea, this time adding into the compositions minimalist artworks from his own collection by his artist colleagues including Carl Andre, Donald Judd, Robert Ryman, Sol LeWitt and Robert Mangold


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