9 September - 10 October 2009

Lisa Milroy

Life on the Line

    Since 2005 Lisa Milroy has focused on large-scale paintings that break away from painting as a window-on-the-world to painting as an all-encompassing experience. Alan Cristea Gallery is pleased to present Life on the Line, the latest in Milroy's environmental explorations.

    The visitor enters the gallery and sees a large painting of an armchair leaning against a wall. Across the gallery a group of banner-type paintings hangs from ropes along the ceiling, depicting clothes, landscapes and still lifes. As the visitor walks back and forth in front of this installation, the images shift kaleidoscopically, stirring up in the visitor's mind a sense of the self. The visitor turns back to inspect the armchair painting and the state of mind induced by the banners is eclipsed. Instead, the visitor becomes aware of stillness.


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